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Why is saffron equal to gold?

One of the most important characteristics of the economy of our country, Afghanistan is the strong agriculture such as saffron, pistachio,almond, raisin, dried fruits , cashmere and etc. The issue of saffron export is the first word in the world, so Afghanistan, with more than 90% of the world production of saffron, has the first place in the production and export of this product.

Why is saffron equal to gold?
Sometimes one reason is enough for a product to be expensive. According to the head of the Afghanistan Saffron Export agricultural, the main reason for the high price of saffron is the low production of this plant. In a word, the rarity of this plant in the world!

One of the most valuable and precious products among Afghanistan’s agricultural products is the wonderful saffron plant. It goes without saying that today, besides the provinces mentioned above, saffron cultivation has become common throughout our country and many farmers have changed their cultivation to saffron cultivation in these days of water scarcity.

The advantage of planting saffron compared to other agricultural products
Cultivation of saffron is a 7-year and low-water crop, and in this country’s water-deficient conditions, it is one of the best alternative crops for high-water crops. Cultivation of saffron is a cultivation with a very high profit margin, as every year the price of saffron and saffron onion has multiplied and you can sell your product at the daily price.

As it was said, saffron is a 7-year crop, so you plant saffron bulbs once and there is no need to move saffron bulbs or re-plant them for the next 7 years.

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