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Afghan Saffron

Why Afghanistan Saffron is the best?

Saffron is one of the high quality agricultural products of Afghanistan. This country has been able to produce the best saffron by having suitable land for saffron cultivation and by using various and standard methods in the fields of cultivation, collection, processing and packaging. Also, Faisal Fahim Group of Companies has been able to introduce this pure product to the global markets every year with high tonnage and according to the orders of its customers. This product is mostly obtained from Herat province and neighboring areas of this province. Since Faisal Fahim Group of Companies is one of the leading and experienced companies in the production and processing of agricultural products in Afghanistan, it has tried to produce a first-class and special product.

After the end of the process of collecting saffron by local people and hard-working and trained farmers, this product is transferred to the company’s process center located in Herat Industrial City for cleaning, processing, sorting, grading, labeling and Packaging should be done. After performing the aforementioned processes by experienced employees, advanced machines, this product is ready to be exported to global markets.
In traditional medicine, saffron is used to strengthen libido, boost mood, improve memory, lose weight, and reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Reducing and relieving pain, improving shortness of breath, increasing body energy, anti-cancer properties are some of the wonderful properties of saffron.
The antioxidants in saffron have anti-aging properties. Among the properties of saffron for facial skin, we can mention softness, flexibility and shine. Common uses of saffron can whiten the skin, prevent acne, remove scars and dark skin spots and other skin spots. Saffron contains vitamin B12 and helps to treat chapped and dry lips. Saffron is a rich source of potassium, this substance is an important element in maintaining heart health. Potassium causes dilation and enlargement of blood vessels and therefore lowers blood pressure. Considering the mentioned benefits of saffron and its nutritional value, it is better to always have it at home.

Afghan saffron is of high quality and has been recognized as the best saffron in the world for several years in a row. In countries like India, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, America, and other countries of the world, saffron has gained a suitable position as an agricultural product with Afghan quality and with the name and logo of Faisal Fahim Group of Companies, and those who are interested It has a lot in these countries.

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