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Herat saffron alokozay saffron
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Introducing Alvin Saffron

The reagent of Afghanistan Saffron in the world.


Super Negin

The high quality of types of saffron in terms of the power of color, taste and aroma.

Sargol Negin

The threads have a short length and full red.


All red saffron threads as well as a bit of yellow .


By the International Test Institute.

Alokozay saffron is the largest and most modern saffron production, processing and sorting undertaking in Afghanistan. Incorporating the latest Taiwanese technology, and a mixture of experts in saffron, supply chain management, sales & marketing and business development.

Its worth to mentioning that Alokozay saffron is the winner of superior taste awards (3 golden stars) 2021 from the international taste & quality institute- brussels.

Alokozay Saffron has its own saffron growing agricultural facilities in Herat province.

The head offices of the company, as well as the laboratory, the quality department, the packaging, and the logistics departments, are in the city of Herat, an ideal location to develop international relations.

Introducing Alvin Saffron The Premium Exclusive Saffron Brand!
We are proud to introduce Alvin Saffron, a premium exclusive of the finest filaments, hand-picked and carefully processed. Freshness, potency, and purity define Alvin Saffron. Packed in sleek and elegant boxes, HACCP and FDA certified. Order now for a special discount on our 500g and 1000g packages.

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